Technology research and development department

What we offer
•Together with industrial experts and scientists all over the world, to develop cutting-edge technologies and applications
•Providing innovative solutions to customers, witness strategic growth for Dow and our partnership
•Networking with experienced Dow scientists and building mentoring relationship, obtain timely guidance in daily work
•Coached by leaders to support you becoming industrial leading expert, achieve personal & professional career development
Who we are looking for
•Majoring in chemical engineering, analytical science, chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics, material science, polymer science, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, mechanical design and modeling.
•Innovative and Passionate, feel sense of achievement by providing real solutions
•Solid in technical knowledge
•Initiative and proactive on learning and working
•Good Interpersonal Skills; People oriented
•Excellent communication skills, willing to work with top talents around the world
•Adaptable and flexible to changing environment; Enjoy challenges.